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Stork’s Ride Home

Why You Should Book Limousine Services for Mom and Baby’s First Ride Home


The ride home from the hospital can be incredibly stressful. First, a spouse or friend will have to set up the car seat, and anyone who has ever tried to do that knows it’s incredibly difficult. Second, the mom sits in the back with the baby because she can’t stop looking at her new bundle of joy. That leaves the driver without a view of his new baby. He wants to drive carefully but get home quickly so he can gaze lovingly at the baby too. It’s the perfect time for a professional chauffeur from Danbury Limo Services to bring your new family home from the hospital. As soon as you have an approximate delivery date, give us a call at 203-889-9777 or fill-out this simple form.

Personalized Service

You might not have considered a limo rental for the ride home with baby, but it brings a sense of calm and safety when you’re thrust out into the world with this fragile human being in your arms. The respectful chauffer will arrive at the door to the hospital where the new mother will delight in this first class service for the ride home. If you’ve hired this limo for her, you’ll be a hero. The clean limo will provide a safe haven for the new parents as they bring home their new bundle. This personalized service will make her feel like a queen.



If you’re the spouse of Mom, you could hire limousine services to show her how much this moment truly means to you as well as how important she is to have brought you this wonderful gift. It might help her ease the feelings of hurt and pain caused through hours of delivery, too. She can stretch her legs and sit comfortably on the cushioned seats. You can also bring extra cushions or pillows so she can rest in the clean limo. This is a time for her to feel comfortable and stress-free before she’s thrust into the role of parent to a newborn.


A limo rental with a professional chauffer to deliver you and your newborn home will be safe and relaxing. The new dad doesn’t have to worry about hitting potholes while driving, worrying about traffic or stressing Mom. He can relax and sit with his new baby too. The parents can bond on the way home as they enjoy a ride in a safe and clean limo with a professional driver who will take the safest route to their home. The tinted windows will give passengers a discreet ride too. The mother can nurse in the limo if the baby becomes fussy too.


There are many new mothers who don’t have anyone to take them home. A cab is a noisy and dirty place to bring a newborn. There’s no reason an expectant mother can’t hire her own clean limo to bring her home in style. The professional chauffeur will keep a discreet and respectful distance so that mom and baby can ride in comfort on the way home.


Our scheduling is incredibly flexible. Unless mom has an induced labor, you won’t know when the delivery will happen. Limousine services are convenient and provide a comfortable and stress-free ride for mother and child. Call Danbury Limo Services at 203-889-9777 when you have a close idea of the baby’s due date. We will work with you to provide first class service for mother and newborn.